Tie Dye

here are some Tie Dye's, well not the first tough, its just nice:)

some pictures:) (via superpunch)


nice and confusing room (?)

this bulb is amazing

even if it fell, it nearly broke any parts, and by fell i mean literally fall down-.-

Picture of 67y hahaha

guys, heres the picture of some of the students in my class HAHAHA hope you enjoy:) and pls comment

kenapa gambarnya kecil, zoom aja ya guyss

(maaf kalo ada yang merasa tersinggung-.- soalnya pada minta)


this is unimportant, but for those who want to see the picture it'll have to wait, cause i cant run the scanner, wait till my daddy get home, thankss:)

PS heres vanilla twilight's lyrics (owl city)

The stars lean down to kiss you,

And I lie awake and miss you.

Pour me a heavy dose of athmosphere.

‘cause I’ll doze off safe and soundly,

but I’ll miss your arms around me.

I’d send a postcard to you dear,

‘cause I wish you were here.

I’ll watch the night turn light blue.

But it’s not the same without you,

Because it takes two to whisper quietly,

The silence isn’t so bad

Till I look at my hand and feel sad,

‘cause the spaces between my fingers

are right where yours fit perfectly.

I’ll find repose in new ways,

Tough I haven’t slept in two days,

‘cause the cold nostalgia chills me to the bone.

But drenched vanilla twilight,

I’ll sit on the front porch all night,

Waist deep in thought because when I think of you.

I don’t feel so alone.

I don’t feel so alone.

I don’t feel so alone.

As many times I blink ill think of you… tonight.

Ill think of you tonight.

When violet eyes get brighter,

And heavy wings grow lighter,

I’ll taste the sky and feel alive again.

And I’ll forget the world that I knew,

But I swear I wont forget you,

Oh if my voice could reach back trough the past,

I’d whisper to your ear,

Oh darling I wish you were here

Optical Illusions


sorry i havent been posting, something's wrong with my laptop,

for 67y student who r hoping to see the picture, it has to wait, because i haven't installed the thingy we use to run the scanner in here...

i have nothing-.-

is it moving??

are these spinning??

sorry, cause this is the best one i could find:) and ill upload the pic as soon as possible, but ill be really busy tough cause my cousins comin over:D:D


i found this really cool blog with cool pics, here are some that i saved haha:

(the blog is: superpunch.blogspot.com)

there are still lots more, but somehow the upload failed-.-

so, enjoy:)


67y is my class, and it #sucksalot -.- no, seriously

my friend made a blog about our class too(6th generation 2009-2010) here's the link


i havent open it yet, so be sure to comment hehe

and for those who know, please tell, how to make a chatbox??

hope you guys enjoy:)

Black and White

I found these and tought it was pretty cool:)

hobo's (engga lahh)

"A magical moment"

Faster than the shadow

Olympus Tough 8000 or Samsung Corby??

vote in the poll please:)

wich do you think is better??

Olympus Tough 8000

underwater up to 10m, crushproof 100kg!! and shockproof

Samsung corby

touch screen, cheap, and stylish;)