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    I feel satisfied if my ex's new girlfriend/boyfriend is uglier than me. #OhJustLikeMe
  2. Sometimes I just think 'Why do we call the sky 'sky'? Why does the color blue called blue?' Haa, random. #OhJustLikeMe
  3. When that someone special doesn't greet me for a day, my heart just feels empty. #OhJustLikeMe
  4. I hate it when someone takes advantages from being friends with me. #OhJustLikeMe
  5. Um, yeah, I go to Target. So? Miley Cyrus goes there too.#OhJustLikeMe
  6. Me and my friends make code names for everyone. Doesn't matter if it makes sense or not. #OhJustLikeMe
  7. Beware...... I'm a stalker. #OhJustLikeMe
  8. Ugh, the salon stylist never did my hair right. It's never like what I wanted. #OhJustLikeMe
  9. I'm not that good in saying sorry. It always feels awkward, I don't know why. #OhJustLikeMe
  10. I don't like walking in a mall by myself. No no no!#OhJustLikeMe
  11. I like hanging out with my close friends better than hanging with people I barely know. #OhJustLikeMe
  12. If the pillow isn't right, I can't sleep well. #OhJustLikeMe
  13. I'm moody! Don't mess with me. #OhJustLikeMe
  14. I get jealous of my friend's body sometimes. #OhJustLikeMe
  15. Sometimes at the mall, when someone passes by and says hi to me, I just say hi back even though I don't know her/him#OhJustLikeMe
  16. Hey, don't you think Photobooth on Macs make us look better? #OhJustLikeMe
  17. Talking about love with parents is somehow awkward.#OhJustLikeMe
  18. I don't really say hi first to boys. I wait for 'em to say hi first.#OhJustLikeMe
  19. I get jealous pretty easily. #OhJustLikeMe
  20. I hate when I take a photo and think it looks good...and then turns out it doesn't. #ohjustlikeme


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